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We desire to serve you… by preserving and enhancing your vision

Hyde Eyecare specializes in providing quality eye care. Whether it is an eye disease, eye injury, preventative eye exam or glasses, we want to serve you and your eyes.

Why choose us? We’re fun! We’re loving! We’re Hyde EyeCare!

We have fun at work. This is because we love what we do! When you come as a patient, you’ll have a good time too – and you can trust that your eyes are taken care of.

One of Hyde EyeCare’s fundamental values is Caring. We love people. We want you to be a part of our family. We care for your eyes and we value you as an individual.

Another of Hyde EyeCare’s fundamental values is Continuous Improvement. Advancements in diagnosis and treatment are developed everyday. We are constantly learning about these new innovations, and have the latest technology to care for your eyes.

We go above and beyond. Not all places provide you with the information you need to take care of your eyes and provide you with the care and technology to know more about your eye health. We have instruments that allow us to pinpoint your visual needs, and we have the doctors and staff who desire to help you. This is why we have been voted Best Eye Care in the Lakeway Area by the Citizen Tribune People’s Choice Award for 12 years.

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