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Contact Lens Exams

The Contact Lens Exam in Morristown, TN

What can Morristown, TN residents expect from a comprehensive contact lens exam? This specialized service allows our optometrist to determine whether contact lenses are the best eye care choice for you and what type of lens you might consider. Contacts provide freedom from glasses that can be heavy and cumbersome, but they are not right for everyone. With contact lens exams in Morristown, we help our patients find the best treatment for their eyes and lifestyle whether it is contacts, glasses or vision correction.

What to Expect From a Contact Lens Exam from Your Morristown Optometrist

It will start with an assessment of your eye health. Certain conditions make these lenses problematic like dry eyes, allergies or chronic infections. The ophthalmologist will also evaluate you for common eye diseases like glaucoma. During the contact lens exam, our Morristown optometrist will determine what level of vision correction you need by doing a visual acuity test and measuring the refractive errors.

In order to fit you for contacts, we must measure the curvature of your cornea, the clear surface that covers the eye. This is a critical part of the exam because contact lenses do not sit flat like glasses. They adhere to the surface of your eye, so they must curve the same way. The optometrist will use a keratometer to analyze how light reflects off your cornea and determine the curvature from it.  

During the exam, the optometrist will discuss your lifestyle with you, as well. Lifestyle choices are key to figuring out what type of contact lens suit you and what you hope to achieve by wearing them. For example, did you want to change your eye color? Are you interested in daily disposables? After the exam, it’s time to talk about different lens options available to you.

What Kinds of Contact Lens Do We Offer?

There are two categories of contacts available: corrective and cosmetic. Our optometrist in Morristown works with each patient to assess their needs and make a practical choice. With corrective lenses, the goal is simply to help you see well. Cosmetic lenses add fashion into the equation. They come in custom colors and even patterns that will make your eyes stand out.

There are also two types of contact lens products: soft and rigid gas permeable. The rigid lenses are made of durable plastic able to transmit oxygen. They are lightweight, flexible, and shatter-resistant. The gas permeability helps keep them clear and your eyes healthy. They are smaller in size than soft contacts but tend to provide clearer vision. Soft contact lenses are sometimes the comfortable choice, though.

Once you know what type of lenses you want, the next step is to choose a product. The optometrist will discuss the various options with you and let you try different brands to help you make a smart choice.

Contact Your Local Optometrist Today to Schedule an Exam!

If you are considering your first pair of contacts or just need a new prescription, Contact us at 423-581-2020 to make an appointment for an exam. 

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