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Medical Eye Exams

Medical Eye Exam from Our Local Optometrist in Morristown

Medical eye exams are a crucial part of maintaining healthy eyes while managing a condition that affects vision, such as diabetes or glaucoma. These exams give eye doctors a chance to check for early signs of changes or damage that could lead to vision impairment or loss. There are also many other benefits to having a Morristown medical eye exam done. 

Woman receiving an eye exam.

Importance of Medical Eye Exams

Medical eye exams are designed to help those with certain conditions manage their eye health and lower the risk of vision impairment or vision loss. These conditions include diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration and several others that affect the eyes. Medical eye exams also include exams that are needed for symptoms that affect the eyes, such as blurry vision, redness, sensitivity to light, watery eyes, itching, and burning. Those who have allergies that affect the eyes or those who get headaches from eye-related problems can also benefit from having a medical eye exam done. These exams are also done for those who are having or have had eye surgery. 

Services Included in Medical Eye Exams

Medical eye exams are different from routine vision exams. Medical eye exams are done specifically for medical conditions that can affect the eyes. These exams are considered necessary from a medical standpoint in order for certain eye conditions to be diagnosed and treated. These types of exams also cover pre-existing conditions that need monitoring on a regular basis and follow-up care, as well as a referral to an eye surgeon or specialist. Eye doctors who perform medical eye exams can write prescriptions for medications that are needed to treat eye conditions or diseases. 

Those who plan on having a medical eye exam done should note that these exams do not include routine eye care, such as corrective lenses. Routine eye care, such as vision tests, is handled during a routine vision exam or checkup. Medical eye exams also do not require patients to have a vision benefits rider on their health insurance. Those who have a condition that can lead to eye damage, such as diabetes, or those who have an eye condition or disease affects vision, such as cataracts, should undergo a medical eye exam as often as recommended in order to ensure that their eyes stay as healthy as possible. 

Contact Our Morristown Eye Doctor for an Appointment Today!

If you are in need of a medical eye exam, please contact our Morristown eye doctor at Hyde Eye Care to schedule an appointment by contacting us online or at (423) 581-2020. Our eye doctor will provide you with a comprehensive, high-quality exam to check your vision and help you maintain optimal eye health. If you need a routine Morristown vision exam, we provide those as well. We also offer a wide range of other eye care services for patients of all ages and those with special vision problems, such as dry eyes or hard-to-fit contact lenses.

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