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On-Site Optical Lab

On-Site Optical Lab

The eye physicians and optical staff of Hyde Eye Care are dedicated to providing our patients with premier service and quality in every facet of their experience. That's why we have invested in a state-of-the-art optical laboratory, located inside our Morristown practice. Accordingly, our laboratory craftsmen will custom manufacture your eyeglasses, unless your vision benefit plan dictates that we use their own laboratory.

Benefits for our patients

1) Quality Control = Accurate Prescription

We complete the entire process of an eyeglass purchase. From our opticians assisting with frame and lens selection, to our lab technicians fabricating your eyewear, we insure that your lenses are 100% accurate to the doctor's prescription, that the lenses correctly match your frame, and that the lenses chosen meet/exceed our doctor's high standards.

2) Reduced Manufacturing Time = Greater Convenience

We stock thousands of lenses in our on-site laboratory, so we often begin fabricating your new eyeglasses the same day! When eyeglass emergencies occur, we're able to get our patients replacement glasses in a matter of hours, not weeks. This includes bifocals and progressive multifocals.

3) New Lenses Only = Cost Savings & Convenience

Often, eyeglass frames outlast the life of your prescription or your lenses. If you want to put a new prescription in your current frame, most optical shops require you to leave your frame so it can be mailed to their outside laboratory. At Hyde Eye Care, you keep your glasses while we make your new lenses, and then schedule an appointment with our lab technicians to insert your new prescription while you wait! That way, you have the choice of avoiding the cost of new frames, or that you don't have to be without your glasses for weeks.

State of the art Equipment

Our on-site laboratory is equipped with the latest in technology, innovation and automation. We're able to manufacture virtually any lens, any prescription. The process usually consists of two distinct elements. 

1) Surfacing

Our technician begins with a semi-finished lens blank and uses the computer to calculate the proper curvature required on the back surface, places the lens blank in the generator (pictured above) to grind the curves, then uses a cylinder machine to fine and polish the lens.

2) Shaping the lens to fit the Frame and Polishing the Lens

Once the exact prescription is ground into the lens blanks, our technician will use the frame tracer to precisely measure the size and shape of the frame eyewire, transfer the data electronically to the edger (pictured right) which will cut the lenses to the exact size and shape to fit perfectly in your frame

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