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Vision Therapy Testimonials

Vision Therapy Testimonials

Dr. Angie Dabbs, COVD, Pediatric Eye Physician

"Dr. Dabbs is amazing.   After discovering that my 15 year old daughter on the autism spectrum, was having difficulty with not only focus, but also with visual memory and processing. Dr. Dabbs designed a program to improve all aspects of her vision. Dr. Dabbs is a skilled and kind doctor and sessions with her and the vision therapist are fun, relaxed and effective. My daughter’s ability to see and process the world around her has improved dramatically.”
Mom of GF

"I have seen improvement in Sam’s overall eye coordination. He is able to make better eye contact with people. Overall his ability to pay attention to what he is doing seems to have improved. As a parent, I would definitely recommend this therapy to any kid who has vision related problems. Additionally, I appreciate the dedication of Dr. Dabbs in getting Sam to do the exercises and making sure that he is improving. Thank you Dr. Dabbs ."
Mom of SM

" I wish I could turn back time and have been able to provide vision therapy for Jennifer 10 years or more ago! She has struggled in school with poor grades her whole life and it breaks my heart to think I could have done something about it if only I had known. Her pediatrician was quick to decide she had ADHD and gave her medications that always made her sick or have headaches. At age 10 when Dr. Dabbs tested her for tracking vision issues, they were obvious. Jennifer rebelled a bit about whether she needed therapy or not at first. After several months she began to see improvement for herself and she became more cooperative in doing her home therapy. Dr. Dabbs and the vision therapist at Hyde Eye Care was absolutely wonderful and really understands the mentality of a teenager and motivated her and encouraged her all the way. She gained so much self confidence that is still evident today and her grades have improved dramatically."
Mom of JB

"I started with my eyes always feeling tired and uncomfortable when I read and did my homework. I ALWAYS had headaches which would make me not want to finish my school work and it always made me lose my concentration and I had trouble remembering what I had just read. After Dr. Dabbs diagnosed what was going on with my eyes I was assigned exercises and homework that fit the criteria every week. After a couple of months I completely stopped getting headaches and my eyes stopped feeling uncomfortable. It was an amazing feeling to finally know my headaches were cured! I had finally overcome the biggest obstacle that was holding me back in school. I am so thankful for this therapy program, it truly does work!!."
KL age 20

"I used to not be able to read even with my glasses. After about six weeks at vision therapy with Dr, Dabbs at Hyde Eye Care I was able to read in class and do desk work all with my glasses. I also learned a lot about my vision problems and how my eyes work."
AA age 13

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