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Foreign Body Removal

Foreign Object Removal From the Eye

A foreign object in your eye could be serious.  It could be a piece of dust, grit, grass, grinding chip or other substance that comes in contact with the eye. Most of the time, these objects are so small, we don’t see them.  However, depending on the object and how deeply it enters the eye, foreign objects can be very serious.

Foreign Objects

In the majority of cases, foreign objects are simply particles in the atmosphere that get into the eye because we don’t see them. However, a foreign object can get into the eye for any reason, including accidents, or doing work that creates flying particles without proper eye protection.

Foreign Objects Must Be Removed Immediately

Treatment for Foreign Objects

The course of treatment for a foreign object in the eye depends on what the object is, and the degree of contact it has made with the eye.

Wash out the eye with an eye wash solution or if none is available, tap water. If a tap is not nearby, you can use a water fountain, a hose (using a gentle flow), or a shower. The most important point is to use a generous amount of water to ensure the particle is completely flushed out of the eye.

If this does not get the foreign object out of your eye you should see an eye care professional immediately. Hyde Eye Care will make arrangements to see you immediately as an emergency visit.

Do not leave a foreign body overnight. To avoid after hours charges and emergency charges call before 4 pm.

Certain medical treatments for damage caused by foreign objects range from topical medications, emergency care to determine the appropriate treatment for an injury from foreign objects, to surgery if the object has penetrated the eye.

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